Touched By Jesus

This testimonial is from an OEWI Worship Night gathering:

I love coming to the meetings.  I am always touched by Jesus, always.  I can feel His presence and it comforts and ministers to me.  But the real joy for me was watching Christ touch my children.  He filled them with His presence, He comforted them and loved them.  What more could a parent ask for from our Lord??  My youngest was the first to react.  We were worshiping and I looked over at him and he had tears streaming down his face.  When I asked him what was wrong he said nothing Jesus was touching his heart!  That is exactly what he said to me.  I told him that was very special and it was okay to cry.  And boy, did he cry!  The tears flowed all through worship time.  And he sang, sang his little heart out!  It just blessed me so much!  During prayer, he is always vocal, saying Amen, Hallelujah, but that night he was really in agreement with all our prayers.  It’s so sweet to hear him!

Two of my other sons are more reserved and quiet, but they felt Jesus that night as well.  One of my sons felt the presence of the Lord and the other got a confirmation that his dear pet was in Heaven.

They were very excited to have such an experience.

They all had such profound life changing experiences. They LOVE to come to the prayer meetings.

While we were in prayer, I received the word ‘Restoration’.  Restoration of health, relationships, finances, everything.  Amen to that!