Hello friends,

How is your family? What is God doing with your beautiful guest home these days? I’m imagining some beautiful prayer warriors filling the place with petitions.

I just wanted to take a minute this morning and tell you thank you for your financial care and prayer commitment for the ministry. Our students at Instituto Vida Abundante are in their last 6 weeks of school for the year. God has been faithful to His work this year. We have had all that we need right at the moment we needed it. Your commitment has been part of this.

Your donations have gone toward college scholarships for our 8 Godly young people who are studying in university, they have gone toward food for students, they have been spent for band instruments and our school savings account. The students have had the opportunity to be missionaries to their own people as we shared food provisions and prayer in remote villages. We have seen students lives being changed – 3 girls have accepted Christ and many students have rededicated their lives to the Lord. We see the Holy Spirit moving as more students rise up to pray and make Godly choices.

Thank you beyond words for partnering with us. We would love to hear from you and know how we can pray for your ministry and family.
In Christ,
Laura Waits