Something Going On

This testimonial is from an OEWI Worship Night gathering:

I didn’t feel anything different but that’s how I am.  But there was definitely something special happening, everyone could tell.  There was a real gift of teaching and broadcasting into our normal lives and up to the minute message.  When I was sitting there, it hit me that this is what it must have been like when the early Church started.  That night was about relative events of the day and many shared their experiences and testimonies.  I believe when the early church first started to meet it was the same.  Everyone met in a house, talking about the day, talking about what Jesus just did and how they were affected and in amazement they started to praise and thank the Lord.  To me that’s what I experienced that night…  a grassroots open door to Heaven.

Finally, what I like about the teaching is that it shows me the goodness of God and how awesome it is to have this moment in HIS story with Jesus.

It was an awesome night, why wouldn’t Jesus show up?  It was happening right here in Temecula!!  Get ready for the next gathering.