Seeing Jesus


The only example of Jesus many people will see in their lifetime is you.  They may not know Him or even have heard of Him, but when you minister the love of God to them they see the love of the Father, they see Jesus.  Often times their hearts will then become pliable to accept Him as their own personal Savior.  Then their journey begins…


How we live our lives for God is an example to others.  The decisions we make effect not just ourselves, but others as well.  Proverbs 14:12.  We can be a stumbling block to others or wonderful examples by how we live our life.  Being selfless is how we walk like Jesus walked.  God expects us to shine as a light wherever we go.  Not everyone has a pulpit ministry in the front of the Church, but we all have a ministry of reconciliation.  That simply means that throughout our day, we have an opportunity to affect someone’s life for better or for worse.  It may be in the marketplace, in the school, the gym or at the office.  It’s the goodness of God that leads men to repentance the Scripture says.  So it’s the love of God through us that shows others who He is.  Our lives and our ministry is an extension of the ministry of Jesus Christ.  So our lives must model or be imitators of His.  The only way to imitate someone is to know them.  We have to know Him intimately enough to be able to think the way He thinks, walk the way He walks and talk the way He talks.


We then are to train others to live a life of victory and not defeat by following after Christ.  Matt 28:19.  How will someone know that they don’t have to go to Hell when they die, or they don’t have to live a defeated life or that their loved one doesn’t have to die when the doctor’s say there is no answer?


I can share with you that my father-in-law became very ill a few years ago and ended up in the hospital on full life support.  It happened so fast and many doctors told us that he had to die.  He had complication after complication.  From parientitis, to a heart attack, to kidney failure, to extremely low blood pressure, to loosing over fifty pounds in just a few weeks.  But we decided that God’s Word was true.  We had come to know Him enough that we could trust Him and His Word.  We decided that we were going to put this faith stuff to the test.

So we never left my father-in-laws side.  Day and night we read the Word of God to him, we spoke the word over him and when fear would come or another bad report, we would start all over again.  Sure enough, slowly but surely he became stronger and stronger and left that hospital to the doctor’s amazement.  Many people came to his hospital room the day he was released to look at him because he was a living miracle.  One doctor he visits for routine exams still shakes his head and says “you were supposed to be dead”.


What we didn’t know until the day we left the hospital was that others were watching us.  They would see us with our Bibles reading to him as they passed by.  They would see us not accepting the doctor’s death sentence over my father-in-law, but turning to God for wisdom and for his deliverance.  As we left that day,  one woman shared that the doctor’s had given up all hope for her mom but she said she had watched us, that she believed like we did and that her mom would live and not die!  Nurses came and said they had watched us and that gave them hope for others.  We are being watched even when we don’t know it.


We can start where we are and affect other’s lives even in simple choices throughout our day.  God honors a lifestyle that pleases Him.  Acts 2:22.  On the contrary, living a lifestyle of sin opens the door to the devil.  The wages of sin is death the Bible tells us.  The Father, in His mercy however, has given us the ability to walk like Jesus walked on the earth.  II Corin 3:18.  We can progressively grow in holiness.  By this I mean that we can decide to live our lives to please God and to be an example to others.  Even though we may not be such a good example at the moment, we can progressively become what He preordained for us to be and grow into imitators of Christ. We need to make quality decisions to do what is pleasing to the Father in our daily lives and shine with the light of Jesus.   Bad choices can take you right out of God’s will, but good choices can place you in the midst of the blessing.


But God doesn’t require that we are perfect before He can lead us.  He doesn’t require that we are without sin before we can accept Him as our Savior.  No, that’s just what He died for.  That’s exactly what Calvary was all about.  He exchanged our sins, our failure, our lack for His Holiness, His perfection, His abundance!  We just have to make the decision to give our lives to Him and then remain teachable.  We can grow to be more and more and more like Him over time.  Eventually, we can be a Godly example for others.  We can accomplish more for God’s Kingdom and share with others the treasure we have found in Him.


Whether we are hurting or extremely blessed, we all need the love of God.  We can bring that love to a sick and dying world and change their lives for all of eternity.  Our ministry, our life represents Jesus Christ to the world.  Shine bright today with the love of the Father, you’ll be glad you did.