Seeing God

My life began as a Christian theoretically…. I was raised by parents who were Christian, and my Mom always had a fountain of spiritual knowledge to share with me (which she still does to this day).  When I was 7 though, I had come home from a life threatening trip to the hospital from my kidney disease, and one night, the Lord came to me.  He was beautiful.  He extended His hands to me, and spoke, but I could not understand Him.  To this day in my journey, I am still trying to understand what He was telling me.  I believe I will know when the time is right.


Our Lord is completely amazing… I have experienced Him in so many different ways, all of which are mind-blowing tome.  I have seen Him heal my father and bring him back from the dead.  I have laughed when he has made my husband aware of His presence in a very subtle and everyday manner, and I watch with awe when I see His hand move in my children’s hearts and lives.  He is the only sustaining force in my life, and I know and have always known, I would not make it in this world without Him.  Now that’s not to say I haven’t strayed or mis-handled these gifts He has given me, I certainly have, and unfortunately still do.  That is what makes our Savior who He is, and makes us who we are… His children.  He has always taken me back with every bit of forgiveness and love that I HAVEN’T deserved, and it is only by His great gift on the cross that I am blessed by anything in this life.  I continue on my journey, and will until He takes me home, and I am thankful for the people He has placed in my life to grow my faith and help me experience Him in ways that I haven’t yet.  Bring on the miracles and wonders Lord, I’m ready!


SB – California