Kimberly Stump

Kimberly Stump


Kimberly was born again in her kitchen in a country home in California. Although it seemed that she was all alone she had some very important guests with her. One of course was the Holy Spirit and the other was Sister Gloria Copeland on the television.

Who knew that day she would dedicate her life to Christ and begin an amazing adventure with the Lord. Twenty five years have come and gone since that day and Kimberly progressively fell more and more in love with the Father.

Having been privileged to sit under many anointed Teachers, Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets and Apostles has changed her life forever. Through these impartations and growing closer and closer to the Lord she felt the call of God on her life. She pursued further Biblical education and graduated from Dr, Jerry Savalle’s Bible College. Then being ordained along side her husband was a dream come true.

She now cofounds On Eagle’s Wings International Ministries located in Temecula, California with her husband and children. The ministry works internationally and well as locally to provide supernatural and natural provision for God’s people.

Her hearts desire is to see God’s children equipped, raised up and set forth into the world to establish the Kingdom of God. All for His glory!

Brad Stump

Brad Stump


Brad was raised in a Christian home and gave his life to Christ at an early age. But, like many people he did not have a personal relationship the Lord until much later in his life.

He started work at his family business when only twelve. As he grew he was promoted and gained experience in business management and people skills. He progressed to a manager position and worked in that business for 15 years.

Brad then met and married his wife Kimberly.

In 1992 another family venture was presented to him and was birthed with his wives family. Brad was in charge of the daily operations, employees, managers and facility. His official title was that of president but as Brad has often said, “This title means very little. It’s more about ability and the desire to succeed. You cannot ask anyone to do something that you yourself would not be willing to do and had not done.”

With God’s blessing and many years of hard work, the company became very successful. Finally after 20 years, the family mutually decided to sell the business.

Accepting and acknowledging the call on his life, Brad was ordained by Dr. Don Lynch. On Eagle’s Wings Ministries International was founded with his wife and children after that.

Through his walk with the Lord Brad has had the opportunity to sit under the teachings of many great men and women of faith. He has also been involved in most aspects of Church functions and served in many capacities.

His desire is to see the promises of the Bible manifest for God’s children for the Glory of our Lord.

Brad lives in California with his wife of 25 years and their four beautiful children.