No Excuses


It’s easy to see others stepping out for God and doing amazing things and think “I wish I could do something like that”.  But all too often we don’t realize that each and every one of us has a very special calling from God on our lives.  God created each of us in such a unique way and we have a gift that needs to be shared with others.  No one is excluded and each of us are candidates to be used by God to touch the lives of others.  For example, I have a wonderful friend.  She is very nurturing, loving and mothering.  I’ve known of people who she simply hugs and then their whole day is better.  She loves them back to life.  God has given her a gift of love.  Others feel Jesus when they are in her presence, simply because of the love of God that flows through her.  Some would say, “Well that’s not a call of God”, but yes it most certainly is.  The Scriptures says “It’s the goodness of God that leads men to repentance”.  So as others see this goodness in her, their hearts are melted and become pliable to receive Jesus.  I know in my life even smiling at someone standing in a line who has a despairing look on their face, gives them hope that someone cares about them and wants to take a moment of their time to recognize them.  Or perhaps even take it a step further and speak a kind word to them.  So much of our ministry is being an example to others.


Some would say well what does a hug, a smile or a kind word really do?  To some it can mean the difference between life and death.  I heard a story once about a little boy who was walking along the beach and finding starfish that had washed ashore.  The little starfish needed the ocean water to survive and so as he walked he was picking them up and throwing them back into the sea.  A gentlemen came along and said “Son there are thousands of starfish dying on the beach, you know you can’t save them all.  Are you really making a difference?”  The young man then confidently answered, “I did for that one!”


There are also thousands of people who need a touch from Jesus right now.  Because Jesus no longer walks on this earth, you are His hands, His voice, His feet and His example.  He needs you to reach out to this dark world and let them see Him in you.  You see, what seems like a small act of kindness can be a lifeline to someone.  Never underestimate what you have to give to another when Jesus is with you.  Always ask the Lord to guide you.  Each day I pray for guidance and ask the Lord to direct my steps so I’ll be at the right place at the right time.  Often I’ll pass someone walking on the side of the street as I’m driving and the Lord will prompt me to stop and give them some money and tell them that He loves them.  When I do, they are greatly touched.  As I drive away they are smiling and waving knowing that someone cares and especially that God cares and loves them.


Seek out places that you can reach out to someone and perhaps change their life forever.  Just like that young man on the beach, you can make a difference in that one’s life and then another and another and eventually you’ll have reached too many to be counted.  Look around at your job, your children’s school, your friends and even the market place for those who need a touch or a kind word.  These small acts of giving of yourself mean so much to God because they show Him your heart.  When He sees you faithfully reaching out to others, He will use you more and more. Perhaps you say that’s exactly what you want.  More!  You believe you’re called to the Five-fold Ministry.  We’ll praise God, just remember you do have a very special ministry all your own right now.  Start where you are.  Be faithful in the little and you’ll be given much.