Never The Same

This testimonial is from an OEWI Worship Night gathering:

When the Word of God is taught, the signs follow.  We can find this in Mark 16, The Great Commission.

So….. That night we had decided to teach, worship and then pray.
What followed was amazing.

As the Word of God was taught, I saw there was a great unity forming.  That’s because the Word of God is alive.  It is God breathed!!!  If God breathes on you you’re NEVER the same.

As we began to worship, I could sense the presence of God so strong.  Because the Word of God had been taught about our posture during praise, we had a greater anointing on our worship.

Then after four songs I saw as I had my eyes closed, all of us joining hands in a circle.  So.. We stopped the music and did as the Holy Spirit was leading.

WOW…. Immediately when we joined hands the power of God came even stronger.  I could sense that something was about to happen.  I heard others crying, others praising God, others were trembling from His presence.  Then I saw the most amazing thing, even with my eyes closed.

I saw Him come.  He was riding a horse and landed right in the middle of the circle we formed.  I had seen this only one other time after a long period of worship many years before.

Then our daughter had a word from the Lord.  She spoke of how the Lord was going to reveal Himself to all of us in whatever way He could to make us realize it’s Him.

Then one of our sons shared that Jesus was there, that He was touching some of us on the head.

It was an amazing blessing of Heaven that will change our lives forever!