Healing is for You!


Supernatural healing from Heaven to some seems like a fairytale or something from times past but not for today’s believer.  To some it seems that the accounts from the Bible are nothing more than “stories” or “fables” of this man Jesus.  The Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are filled with testimony after testimony of Jesus’ miraculous healing power.  Perhaps some even believe that these accounts have been embellished to sound better and give more punch.  But I can tell you from first hand experience nothing could be farther from the truth.


My first experience with God’s healing hand came when my husband and I were brand new Christians.  We had just started to learn all that Jesus had done for us at Calvary.  It was so exciting to hear of the miraculous life of Jesus.  It was so good to hear that someone loved us so much.  But I never knew that it was preparing me for what was coming. One day I received a phone call regarding an accident involving my husband and I would soon find that God would show us personally His powerful healing touch.


We have a metal fabrication company and deal with heavy equipment every day.  On one particular day one of our employees was operating a forklift loading a 2000 pound generator into the back of my husband’s truck for delivery to our customer.  My husband was in the truck bed guiding the gentleman driving the forklift.  The gentleman driving the forklift accidentally dropped the generator on my husband’s legs pinning him between it and a thick metal toolbox.  Four or five other employees said they thought my husband’s legs had been cut off because of the weight of the generator.  One even had nightmares for weeks after because of the trauma.  Well my husband was stuck under this thing and finally said to the others “Get this off of me”.  Much to everyone’s amazement my husband’s legs were fine.  He had no major cuts or bruises, just a small puncture wound on the front of his shin.  The interesting thing was that my husbands ankle had crushed a thick metal bin because of the impact of the weight of the generator but had no injury to his ankle.  He went to the emergency room and they cleaned his wound and sent him home.


Well I can tell you how thankful and bewildered we were after we talked about what happened again.  The generator was 2000 pounds!    We knew God had protected him and that the angels were there to hold that generator up and off of his legs.  We thanked God and figured the worst was behind us.  Well, that is where our experience just began.


My husbands leg seemed to be fine after that.  But  after about two weeks my husband noticed that the wound wasn’t healing.  It was also oozing something that didn’t look right so back to the doctor he went.  The doctor rushed him for a bone scan telling my husband that his leg was badly infected and if the infection was in the bone they would have to amputate his leg.   We couldn’t believe what we were hearing.  Here God had protected him from catastrophe or perhaps even death and now this.  Well the test results showed that the infection had gotten to 1/16” within his bone.  The doctor suggested surgery to remedy the healing process.  My husband agreed and the night before we grabbed hands to pray.  Nothing spectacular seemed to happen.  We just believed God to guide the surgeons hands and for a speedy recovery.  But little did we know spectacular was just on the horizon.


Early the next morning we arrived at the surgery facility.  The doctor had scheduled my husband to have a plastic surgeon to operate on him to reduce the scarring.   I stayed in the waiting room as the nurse took my husband to be prepared for surgery.  Now as I mentioned we were brand new Christians.  We really had just learned about God’s Word and that it was for us today.  I started to pray again all by myself this time, and I heard something inside me say “Pray for no surgery”.  “Pray that his leg is perfectly healed now”.  Was that me I thought?  But no I hadn’t even had a thought of no surgery.  I just assumed that was what we had to do.  Well I heard it again “Pray for no surgery”.  So I did.  Just in simple childlike faith, I stepped out and said a very simple prayer to my God in response to His prompting.  “Please God, heal his leg and let there be no surgery”.  No more that one minute later my husband walked out of the operating room with the doctor and explained to me that everything is healing perfectly and there is no need for the operation.


I can tell you how utterly amazed we were by all of this.  That day changed our lives forever.  We have had many miraculous experiences since then and all because God loves us so much that he sent His perfect Son to die at Calvary.  We now have many of our own stories to tell of God’s supernatural provision and we are first hand witnesses of each and every one.  No one could ever tell us God doesn’t heal today.  He does and He will heal you too.  Just reach out and believe!