Divine Connections


Divine connections are those associations or relationships that God has pre-ordained for us.  They are priceless because God uses these relationships to direct us to our destiny and bring increase to us.  In my life I have been blessed with wonderful people of God who have not only loved me and been spiritual leaders for me but who have also been there to watch out for me.  Many times these people are placed into our lives so we can glean their wisdom and knowledge for our life choices.  But they are also placed in our lives to pray for us and protect us from traps perhaps we don’t even see coming.   Take for example Moses and Joshua and Elijah and Elisha.  They are great examples for us from the Word of God of divine connections.  God used the connections of Moses to Joshua and Elijah to Elisha to impart different giftings and anointings that would carry them through to the completion of their assignment from God.  These relationships are very strategic to God and if we will seek Him He will make sure we don’t miss them.  It still amazes me how I was brought together with a group of people in Florida even though I live in California.  But to this day they continue to be more and more of a support, and a prayer team for my family as we enter in our Ministry.


In contrast to that there are people in our lives that can end up not being very good influences for us.  Perhaps they are wonderful loving people but as we grow in God they may pull us away from new levels of holiness the Lord needs us to walk in.  There are even times in life when you will have to let go of some relationships for the sake of your calling in life.  That’s right, even well meaning people can hinder your life’s plan.  I know in my life that was a very hard lesson to learn.


There’s an interesting Scripture in Proverbs 13:20 that says “He who walks (as a companion) with wise men is wise, but he who associates with (self-confident) fools is (a fool himself and) shall smart for it.”  When we associate with wise people we have an opportunity to become wiser.  So it also is that when we associate with a foolish person we have an opportunity to become a fool.  Many times in life there are people who are just not headed in the same direction you are.  I’ve noticed as my walk with the Lord continued to grow more and more intimate, it seemed as thought He was hand selecting the people He wanted to be in my life.  We have a common pursuit.  We combine our efforts and seek a common goal of bringing God’s Word to a sick and dying world.  The Scripture says that “Iron sharpens iron”.  Simply put, as we give God  place in our lives, we have something vital to contribute to one another.  We can build on that and help one another grow into mature, loving people who walk in integrity and honor before God.


I’m not saying that we can’t have relationships with those who are not pursuing a life of ministry.  God’s number one command is to love one another.  What I am saying is that there is a place in life for those whom God has especially chosen to be in our lives for a very special purpose.  As we seek God’s direction, He will help us to recognize and honor them for all they do to contribute to our lives.  Just think you could be that divine connection the Lord has for someone else.  He may want you right now to offer a word of encouragement to someone or pray a prayer for that one who is in need.  God’s primary reason for creating man was to have a family.  He places us in others lives and they in ours for a greater good.  We are here to establish the Kingdom of God in this earth and to bring hope to those who have none.  As we strengthen each other we get closer to that goal.  We are truly one big family.  I have found that this is a very special gift from God and it truly shows His great love for us all.